MOP/ WET/ Microfiber Agitator Tube Mop


$ 18.20 


Item #MOP28-BL-SS

Microfiber Tube Mop with Agitator Scrub Strips
Did you know you could be cleaning your floors more effectively by using just a different mop?
Biofilm, slip hazards, dirt, and grime are no match for the Patent Pending Agitator™ Scrub Mop.

The “Best-In-Class” wet mop head.  Lightweight, super absorbent, these durable, launderable looped mops are made of microfiber tube-like loops. For all high performance cleaning demands.
Microfiber – 80/20 yarn blend – circular knitted weave - tube
  • 5” mesh headband
  • Extremely absorbent/Microfiber cleaning performance
  • Looped fringe improves pickup of large dust and debris
  • Agitator Scrub Strips added for ultimate cleaning performance