Water Coolers

New for 2015, Croaker offers quality MTN Water Coolers!  Tired of dealing with bottled water?  Why not have a MTN Water Cooler installed in your facility.  Hot and Cold "Everpure" filtered water at your fingertips that never runs out!

Point of Use Water Coolers vs 5 Gallon Bottled Water

  • Less Expensive: only one charge per month, no costly bottle deposits, no hidden charges: same billing amount every month.
  • No Storage Problems: forget finding a place for unsightly full and empty bottles.
  • No Lifting: Full 5 gallon bottles weigh 41 lbs - possible injury lifting or spillage exchanging bottles.  Bottles can break of accidentally dropped and 5 gallons of water is a lot to clean up.
  • Pure Filtered Water: Everpure filter is the top American made filter used by McDonald's, Coca Cola, Starbucks and Air Force One.  Do you know what is in the bottle?
  • Never Out:  Your source is always reliable.  If the bottled water doesn't get delivered, you risk running out.

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