MOP/ WET/ Agitator Synthetic Loop End Mop, 20 or 24 oz


$ 13.45 


Item #BLL2-20-5BL-SS, BLL-24-5BL-SS

Did you know you could be cleaning your floors more effectively by using just a different mop?
Biofilm, slip hazards, dirt, and grime are no match for the Patent Pending Agitator™ Scrub Mop.
Blended Loop End Wet Mop
The industry standard mop covers all use and market types. This cotton/rayon/polyester/acrylic mop is perfect for when you want both the absorbency of a cotton mop and the strength of a polyester mop. This blended loop end mop has the best features of both.
  • Perfect general application mop.  Perfect choice for food service due to cotton’s ability to absorb kitchen grease/oil soils
  • 5” headbands – available in Blue (Standard)
  • Agitator Scrub Strips added for ultimate cleaning performance

Available in 20 and 24 oz sizes