FINISH/BUCKEYE ”EQUITY” Spray Restorer For Buffing & Burnishing


$ 8.16 


Equity™ Spray Restorer For Buffing & Burnishing is designed to deep clean floor finishes by lifting embedded soils to the surface for removal by the floor pad. Equity's deep cleaning system removes black heel marks, tar, scuffs, etc. without being aggressive to floor finishes. Equity's special blend of acrylic, urethane and polyethylene builds gloss, repairs surface damage and leaves behind a hard, protective coating that improves durability and provides a slip-resistant surface. Equity's tough coating may be easily stripped or coated over with fresh finish. Equity is formulated to require less labor. You achieve the ultimate shine in less time. Equity's crisp lemon-lime fragrance freshens the area as you buff or burnish. Equity fits into every buff and burnish program. There is no mixing or measuring required. Equity's water-clear coating will not discolor, increasing the time between stripping. Equity will not break down under the heat and force of buffing and burnishing. Equity is U.L. listed for slip resistance.

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