DISINFECT/ "Diamond Disinfectant 1000" Food Service Sanitizer/Disinfectant


$ 21.38 


A highly concentrated quaternary disinfectant and sanitizer. Diamond Disinfectant 1000  is designed specifically for use  in hospitals, food processing plants, dairies, restaurants, bars, nursing homes and other similar institutions. Diamond Disinfectant 1000  can  be used as a rinse free sanitizer. Used in accordance with directions shows Diamond Disinfectant 1000  to be an  effective bactericide and virucide in the presence  of  5%  blood  serum.  This  product helps prevent and control mold and mildew and  the  odors  they  cause.  Diamond Disinfectant 1000  can  be used as a sanitizer in the final sink of a bar glass washing operation. E.P.A. registered. This product is an effective disinfectant against H1N1.

Dilution Rate:  1 oz./4  gl. water to sanitize.

3 oz./5  gl. water to disinfect.

3 1/2 oz./5  gl. water for hospital disinfecting.



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