DEODORIZER/ Vectair/ EcoShell Air Freshener, each


$ 9.89 



Universal air freshener with Clip and go, clip and throw technology.

The stylish Eco Shell® universal air freshener is a non-aerosol scent solution that brings a variety of locations ‘out of their shell’.

Using our revolutionary Clip and go, clip and throw design, Eco Shell® is strong on fragrance impact, easily replaceable using just one fitting. Can be used in a variety of different applications, such as hotel bedrooms, air conditioning vents, homes & offices. Eco Shell® also provides a child resistant fragrance core - no small parts such as beads or liquids.

*Eco Shell® has protected design rights.*


  • Large internal surface area for high quality & effective fragrance performance.
  • 'Clip and go, clip and throw™' design - once you have used one dispenser, replace with a brand new version using the same fixing.
  • Recyclable & VOC exempt, made of EVA.
  • Economical to run. No aerosols, batteries, fans or propellants. Just natural airflow.

Available in Bergamot & Sandalwood, or Sea Salt & Bamboo Fragrances

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