LAUNDRY INJECTION/ "FLUFF & SOUR" Fabric softener and sour


$ 93.38 


NOTE FOR UPS DELIVERIES: This product requires a Hazmat Shipping Designation which is why the freight charges are higher for this product. 

For UPS DELIVERY Fluff and Sour may ONLY be ordered in 5 gallon pails.

This super efficient, viscosity controlled, pink fabric softener and sour imparts a  smooth, soft finish to fabrics. Fluff &  Sour reduces water retention in linens and other classifications which delivers greatly reduced drying time. Fluff &  Sour eliminates “static cling” especially in synthetic blend fabrics. Fluff & Sour neutralizes residual alkali and is safe on all fabrics, white or colored.

Available in 5 Gallon or 15 Gallon 

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